Expansion of acct-unique-session-id query

Thu Jul 23 12:03:55 CEST 2020

Hi all,
  Me again ☺
I’m having an issue with the creation of the Acct-Unique-Session-Id control attribute in v4. In v3, the policy did something like the following :

(545)       else {
(545)         update request {
(545)           EXPAND %{md5:%{User-Name},%{Acct-Session-ID},%{NAS-IP-Address},%{NAS-Identifier},%{NAS-Port-ID},%{NAS-Port}}
(545)           --> 0a28ca134cc4f141e97cacdf91f7551f
(545)           Acct-Unique-Session-Id := "0a28ca134cc4f141e97cacdf91f7551f"

If I do something like :

echo -n "00c0b7869f20,001E00000002,,IT-2530-2,,5" | md5sum
I get the same md5 hash, good:

0a28ca134cc4f141e97cacdf91f7551f  -

In v4, (I’ve altered the attributes used in the calculation to match the v3 calculation, to try and demonstrate the issue). The output should in theory be the same?
I get:

(0)      else {
(0)        update request {
(0)          EXPAND %{User-Name}
(0)            --> 00c0b7869f20
(0)          EXPAND %{Acct-Session-ID}
(0)            --> 001E00000002
(0)          EXPAND %{NAS-IP-Address}
(0)            -->
(0)          EXPAND %{NAS-Identifier}
(0)            --> IT-2530-2
(0)          EXPAND %{NAS-Port-ID}
(0)            --> ,
(0)          EXPAND %{NAS-Port}
(0)            --> 5
(0)          EXPAND %{md5:%{User-Name},%{Acct-Session-ID},%{NAS-IP-Address},%{NAS-Identifier},%{NAS-Port-ID},%{NAS-Port}}
(0)                (%{md5:00c0b7869f20,001E00000002,,IT-2530-2,,5})
(0)            --> 0xa5850401f8c9f7ffdd43a04100ca8190
(0)          &Acct-Unique-Session-Id := "\245\205\004\001\370\311\367\377\335C\240A\000ʁ\220"

Everything expands ok, and it says it’s doing an md5 on the correct resulting “string”, but the output looks pretty odd. Should the md5 come out in hex format? I guess it’s maybe that part at fault, instead of the hex->string conversion?


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