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Mark Grayson (mgrayson) mgrayson at
Fri Jul 24 12:43:17 CEST 2020

Hi Matthew

> update control {
>     &REST-HTTP-Header := "x-api-key: 94332cabcdef57456582e5af2bfa123456789"
>  }

Brilliant - thanks for your help!


´╗┐On 24/07/2020, 11:20, "Freeradius-Users on behalf of Matthew Newton" < at on behalf of mcn at> wrote:

    On 23/07/2020 20:21, Mark Grayson (mgrayson) via Freeradius-Users wrote:
    > So I set up rest config as
    >          post-auth {
    >              uri = "{$..connect_uri}/post"
    >              method = 'post'
    >              body = 'json'
    >              REST-HTTP-Header = "x-api-key: 94332cabcdef57456582e5af2bfa123456789"
    >              data = '{"end-user":"radius-test"}'
    >              tls = ${..tls}
    >          }

    REST-HTTP-Header is an attribute, not a config setting, so that isn't 
    the right place for it.

    > Any idea what I'm doing wrong when trying to configure the x-api-key header?

update control {
     &REST-HTTP-Header := "x-api-key: 94332cabcdef57456582e5af2bfa123456789"
   }you need to set the attribute, e.g.

       update control {
         &REST-HTTP-Header := "x-api-key: 94332cabcdef57456582e5af2bfa123456789"

    See the notes in raddb/mods-available/rest about that attribute, notably 
    that it will be consumed after the rest call, so if you are making 
    multiple rest calls you'll need to set it each time (using a policy may 
    be the cleanest way to do this).

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