rpmbuild of freeradius 3.0.20 with oracle support get mi error Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Tue Mar 3 16:27:39 CET 2020

> On Mar 3, 2020, at 10:20 AM, Bogaczewicz PaweĊ‚ <Pawel.Bogaczewicz at netia.pl> wrote:
> I am trying to build freeradius rpm on oracle linux 7. oracle linux has all updates. i get the latest stable version of freeradius - freeradius-server-3.0.20.tar.bz2. it compiles good, unless i add --with rlm_sql_oracle to command, i.e.

  Use the packages from http://packages.networkradius.com.  They work.

> i'm lost. rlm_sqlhpwippool.so is not even from oracle. where to look?

  Ask Oracle why their system isn't a standard RH system.

  If you're paying $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to Oracle, they should be able to support their own system.

  We support all of the main Linux distributions.  The RH packages *should* work on Oracle Linux.  If they don't, well, ask Oracle why.

  Alan DeKok.

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