Failed in SSLv3 read client certificate A

Al S ajs+freeradius at
Sun Mar 8 16:05:15 CET 2020

I had wifi-authentication failures going on recently. My Apple TV box is 
set up to use EAP-TLS to authenticate against the network, and was failing 
to connect.

[SOLVED] It turned out that it didn't have a clue about what the local 
time was, as it was unable to connect to the network to find out, and 
because it was unable to get the local time, it either believed that the 
some part of the EAP response had an invalid timestamp or maybe that it 
felt that some certificate involved along the way was not valid.

The solution was to connect it to an ethernet port, wait a couple of 
minutes for the time to sync, and then remove the ethernet cable. Maybe 
this nugget helps someone else in this situation.


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