Python "import" statement fails for any module in /site-packages/ when run by radiusd from

Gleb Lisikh in4bit.general at
Thu Mar 12 18:58:59 CET 2020

Before I go into exact code, paths, version etc. any general advice or
troubleshooting steps for figuring out why python import statement fails to
execute for any python library I try to call for
from /etc/raddb/mods-config/python/

   - runs fine for other python statements
   - I can do "import sys" and it works fine, but sys is a built in python
   - I can execute "import" for any python module defined
   under /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ in python environment under radiusd
   users (e.g. sudo -u radiusd python)

I am very amateur when it comes to linuz, so please bear with me...

Thank you!

Gleb Lisikh

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