Framed-IP-Address Help

Aurélio de Souza Ribeiro Neto netolistas at
Fri Mar 13 12:37:12 CET 2020


     Thanks for you time and patience.


Em 12/03/2020 19:04, Alan DeKok escreveu:
> On Mar 12, 2020, at 3:12 PM, Aurélio de Souza Ribeiro Neto <netolistas at> wrote:
>>      I'm doing this, but the user have Framed-IP-address attribute, and I want to override the Framed-IP-address to use mkt_pool IP.
>    *Where* is the Framed-IP-Address?  The request?  Or the reply?  If it's in the reply, where did it come from?
>    You can *always* add / edit / delete attributes.  If you had just asked "how do I delete Framed-IP-Address", you would have had an answer days ago:
> 	update reply {
> 		Framed-IP-Address !* ANY
> 	}
>   This is documented in "man unlang".
>    Alan DeKok.

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