Vulnerability in FreeRADIUS

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Thank you Alan for your descriptive reply . 

Cheers !!!

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On Mar 16, 2020, at 8:02 AM, HANCHATE Ravikiran (u5574292) <u5574292 at> wrote:
> we received Vulnerability in FreeRADIUS , Can you please assist here,

  This issue was found and fixed many months ago.

> 1/ How this will impact on our radius infra ?

  Do you run EAP-PWD?

no - this doesn't affect you

yes - the description says what the impact is.

> 2/ what steps need to be taken to Apply the Linux Fedora patches regarding the FreeRADIUS vulnerability

  Ask Fedora how their system works.

> Please provide step by step guides or implement instructions to   Apply the Linux Fedora patches ?

  You seem to be operating under the misconception that we *owe* you something.  We don't.

  The guides and documentation are available on the FreeRADIUS web site, and are included with the source.  If you have *specific* questions about them, please ask.  Otherwise, if it's too much work for you to look for the guides, then it's too much work for us to look for them, too.  If only there was something called "google", or perhaps a "wiki".  Or even a "doc" directory in the server.  That would be magical...

  As for Fedora, ask Fedora how to apply patches to their system.  Ask Fedora if they have updated patches.

  We supply the source, which you can download and build yourself.  Instructions are on the Wiki, and included with the source.

  We also supply pre-built packages.  Full instructions are on our web site:

  Alan DeKok.

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