Auth: Login incorrect: [maxx09/<no User-Password attribute>]

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Mar 22 13:58:00 CET 2020

On Mar 21, 2020, at 9:23 PM, Sam T <givemesam at> wrote:
> I have been working hard at making our already wonderful freeradius
> implementation also work with some VPN radius functions. A lot of this is a
> bit over my head, but i am grasping it as i go. So far, this server config
> works great for user/pass on PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, Soft-ether AAA but I am
> getting stuck with IKEv2.
> Ideally we can get ikev2 working on all devices, but it does require a lot
> of certificate work. I have been able to deal with the cert stuff from
> client, to router, and get the router to send the radius request, it comes
> back timeout. I tried it with also loading the cert chain in eap.conf but
> it didnt make a difference. i saw the <no User-Password attribute> in the
> radius.log either way.

  And what does the debug log say?

> I think the issue is with something with the password being sent from the
> router, maybe it is hashed, maybe it is not sent, but this is what i see in
> the radius.log:
> Sun Mar 22 00:10:28 2020 : Auth: Login incorrect: [user123/<no
> User-Password attribute>] (from client wificpa port 0 cli 444.555.666.777)
> Any idea where i should dig, or what i should do to see why we see
> user123/<no User-Password attribute>?

  The debug output?


> Is this the app not sending it, the router not sending it, or it arriving
> in some other attribute that radius is not listening for? (hashed,
> something specific for EAP?)

  If it's EAP, then there may not be a User-Password.  Again... see the debug log for more information.

> I found that specifying the cert chain didnt make a difference when adding
> them in eap.conf, but here are some of those configs, and I will also
> include a -X:


  We do NOT need to see configuration files.  We DO need to see "radiusd -X" where it RECEIVES PACKETS.  We do NOT need to see a debug output ending in:

> Failed binding to authentication address * port 1812: Address already in use
> /etc/freeradius/radiusd.conf[20]: Error binding to port for port
> 1812

  That does not help at all.

> Android StrongSwan verifies all the cert stuff is ok, but errors and logs:
> N(Auth_FAILED)
> From router log:

  You cannot debug a server issue by looking at the client logs.

  All of this is *extensively* documented.  Follow the documentation.  Post the information that the documentation says we need.  Do NOT post random other things that the documentation says we do NOT need.

  Alan DeKok.

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