Cannot connect to Win10 PC with client certificate (no connection possible)

Gregory Sloop gregs at
Mon Mar 30 03:46:58 CEST 2020

Top posting;

If they [your certs] work on Android, it's likely not the certs that are the problem.
I don't have the detail in front of me, but setting up EAP-TLS on Win10 is somewhat confusing. [At least it was last time I did it.]

I'd probably do some google searches to determine how you configure Win10 properly, while configuring the Wireless connection.
If I get a chance, I'll go see if I have some documentation that describes it.

  >>The Windows system decided that it didn't like the server certificate, 
uhpd> and stopped doing EAP.

uhpd>      Where did you get these certs from?  Are you using  the testing 
uhpd> certs from raddb/certs?  Those *do* work.

uhpd> I created the certs on my side via the method described in freeradius 
uhpd> certs folder.

uhpd> And they do work with my Android devices.
uhpd> But I will follow the hint and use the testing certs.

uhpd> Thanks for now
uhpd> Uwe

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