About Perl Flags in Rlm_Perl Config

uj2.hahn at posteo.de uj2.hahn at posteo.de
Wed Nov 18 14:11:22 CET 2020

Hi, Onur!
In case you can't find a direct solution you might consider this 
solution in your code:

      The at INCVariable

The at INCarray variable contains a list of directories to be searched for 
files requested by therequirefunction. This list consists of the 
following items, in order from first to last:

  * The directories specified by the-Ioption
  * The Perl library directory, which is normally/usr/local/bin/perl
  * The current working directory (represented by the.character)

Like any array variable, at INCcan be added to or modified.

Not sure this helps in your case.


On 18.11.2020 07:18, Onur GURSOY wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> rlm_perl is wonderful extension.
> including perl interpreter is good idea.
> but i have some trouble about perl flags in the perl module configuration.
> When i pass this to config it's ok.
> *perl_flags = "-T -I/opt/sinecins/rsc/scripts/radius"*
> But whe i pass this to config, perl has syntax error.
> *perl_flags = "-T
> -I<foopath>/scripts/radius -I<dummypath>/scripts/radius"  *
> How can i pass *two include path* to perl module ?
> Many thanks,
> With best regards

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