Freeradius Unlang Update ?

Matthew Newton mcn at
Thu Nov 19 11:47:52 CET 2020

On 19/11/2020 06:00, Olivier CALVANO wrote:
>                  update reply {
>                          tunnel-Server-Endpoint: 0: = ''
>                          tunnel-Client-Auth-Id: 0: = "LAC-"
>                          tunnel-Server-Auth-Id: 0: = "LNS-"
>                          Tunnel-Type: = "L2TP"
>                          Tunnel-Medium-Type: = "IPv4"
>                          Class: = "FTTH-TLM"
>                          Tunnel-Preference !* ""
> I mostly need to send ONLY the first 5 attributes.
> do i have the option to delete all attributes in one command then put the 5
> attributes i need?

Use rlm_attr_filter, see mods-available/attr_filter. You'll need to add 
a new entry for access accepts, as there isn't one by default, and add 
it to post-auth. See "Post-Auth-Type REJECT", there's one in there already.

Or just don't add the attributes that you don't want to send back in the 
first place. By filtering things out it will be easy to accidentally 
remove something that you didn't mean to, or it will cause frustration 
when you update the system in the future and can't work out why your new 
attribute isn't being added.


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