FR 3.0.21 authenticating to OpenDirectory on macOS Catalina

Jason Holloway jason_holloway at
Mon Nov 23 10:33:09 CET 2020

   Hi all,

   Alan, thank you for confirming what I suspected.

   Before I go tilting at windmills, has anyone on here successfully
   managed to integrate with OD under macOS Catalina for MSCHAPv2



   On 22 November 2020 at 14:03:39, Alan DeKok
   ([1]aland at wrote:

   On Nov 20, 2020, at 2:00 PM, Jason Holloway via Freeradius-Users
   <freeradius-users at> wrote:
   > FR compiled from source, configured according to Apple Support KB and
   > tested authenticating successfully via PAP.
   > However, MSCHAPv2 authentication failing.
   > (3) mschap: WARNING: No Cleartext-Password configured. Cannot create
   > NT-Password
   > (3) mschap: No NT-Password configured. Trying OpenDirectory
   > Authentication
   > (3) mschap: OD username_string = jasonh, OD shortUserName= (length =
   > 0)
   > (3) mschap: ERROR: rlm_mschap: authentication failed - status =
   > eUndefinedError
   What a helpful error message. :(
   The issue here is that FreeRADIUS hands the MS-CHAP data to
   OpenDirectory, and OpenDirectory returns success / fail. Or in this
   case, "error".
   Unless we get more information about how OpenDirectory works, there
   isn't much more that we can do.
   Alan DeKok.
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