DHCP Scope not getting used after authentication

Jerome jc935 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Nov 26 22:43:26 CET 2020



Dear All,


This is my first email to the group so please excuse if I have not followed
any rules. 


Auth and IP Set up: 


Student devices > Freeradius server               > Firewall >          ---à
eduroam Homeserver

Ø  Windows DHCP server

Ø  Unifi WAP portal


Network : 


Student devices connect to Unifi WAP > 2 tagged VLAN Aruba/HP switches >
Windows DHCP server  has 2 separate subnets 




We have set up 2 Vlans to segment the buildings and assign static vlans on
the switch ports that connects to the Unifi AP. Depending on the VLAN X or
VLAN Y, the DHCP server should provide ipaddress from one of the subnet. 

Since the windows server upgrade on April 2020, the end devices are picking
only X subnet ipaddress. Y subnet is not issued. I have tested with a test
vm, can confirm that the Y subnet is issued. I have also used the old
windows DHCP server ip address but no changes. 


Does Free Radius setup has any role in this problem? 







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