IP allocation from Pool

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Thu Oct 8 21:13:25 CEST 2020

On Oct 8, 2020, at 1:09 PM, kabin mool <kabin_mool at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I went through the document mods-available/dhcp_sqlippool and mods-available/sqlippool , do I need to enable both the files

  It depends what you want to do.  The comments in those files should make it *very* clear when / why they're being used.

> or what are necessary steps , can you please help me on this?

  Read the docs and follow them?

  We're not going to cut & paste the docs into a message on the mailing list.  There's no point.

> Do I need to do something on mods-enabled/dhcp files?

  Maybe.  Are you using DHCP?  You should know that.  And if you know if you're using DHCP, you have the answer to your question.

  Please ask SPECIFIC questions: http://wiki.freeradius.org/list-help

  Alan DeKok.

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