No response to status-server but radtest status ok

Arnaud LAURIOU arnaud.lauriou at
Mon Oct 12 08:50:24 CEST 2020


On 10/9/20 7:28 PM, Alan DeKok wrote:
>> During this period, I checked this home_server status with radtest : got answers !
>> I tried to get this host alive by radmin: it fell back to zombie and dead states again.
>    Hm... is it using the same source IP as radclient?
Yes, same source IP.
>> The only solution found to revive this home_server : restart the FR process on our
>> proxy and the home_server remain to alive state.
>> So, here are my questions :
>> - Why the status-server requests sent by FR in dead state did not get answered,
>> while those sent by radtest get response ?
>    It's not clear.
>> - Is there a way to force a revive from a dead state even with unanswered status-server
>> requests ?
>    You can keep reviving it, but the server will keep marking it dead, if the home server doesn't respond.
>    Try upgrading to 3.0.21.  Maybe that helps.
We already use that version.


Arnaud Lauriou

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