rlm_ippool memory footprint

James Chapman jchapman at katalix.com
Thu Oct 15 10:50:23 CEST 2020

On 14/10/2020 21:58, Alan DeKok wrote:
>   The cache size is passed directly to gdbm.  So I don't think it needs to be set to the number of IPs in the pool.  it can be anything which makes sense for you.
>   TBH, the solution here is to just use an SQL database.  Something like sqlite beats gdbm in pretty much every way.  In the v4 "master" branch, we've even deleted rlm_ippool.  There's just not enough reasons to use a custom DB when SQL exists.
>   If you take a look at the v3.0.x branch in GitHub, there's a bunch of new tools to manage IP ranges in SQL.  That makes it much easier.
>   Or if you want to stay with gdbm, use a small value for cache_size.  The only affect is that database lookups will be a little slower.
Thanks Alan.

I'll go with a smaller cache size for this particular setup.


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