Credentials differ when proxying

Julien Cochennec julien.cochennec at
Tue Oct 20 15:14:51 CEST 2020

Ok, really sorry. I did read it.

I read a lot of docs about FreeRadius (most of it on the wiki) in a very 
short amount of time, so if I missed that doc, again, sorry.

Which doc are we talking about BTW? I may have missed it, and I swear I 
did read a lot of docs since 4 months, mostly about ldap, proxy, clients 
and realms.

I found the docs I read very useful, and it was a lot to compute, I'm a 
Radius noob, doing what I can.

I searched for many messages on this list before posting, I didn't 
manage to see, in all the infos in the output, which one was useful, 
sorry for that too.

For example, I thought the "No eap message" was the problem, but it 
looks like it isn't.

I didn't get where to look.

The debug information is on A, which is supposed to be a "pure" proxy, 
no auth, just proxying.

But the Ldap is on B, which is a home server that does only Ldap auth 
for proxied requests.

I first thought the proxy was modifying the password but had no idea why 
and found nothing about it.

I totally understand it is frustrating for you to write so much content 
people don't read.

It's been 4 months reading and testing for me, and I'm still lost in the 
debug output, you may not believe it, but it's frustrating too, I'm 

It's the second thing I read, after the Kibana log parsing result.

I althought thought a realm (null or default) was missing in my conf, 
but found nothing to confirm this.

Thanks for your help anyway Alan.

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