DHCP server multiple gateways

Ulisses Buonanni ulisses.b at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 23:41:21 CEST 2020

Hello. First time using this list :)

Need to know if it is possible and then I will appreciate some tips/howto

How to configure (if it is possible) raspberry pi as freeradius server with
dhcp (conditional IP range based on username)


In my shared farm we have 5 houses accessing internet through 5x LTE/4g
antennas (each house has its own mobile plan and antenna, but they share
local network infrastructure to access the antennas).

Network: all devices are in the same LAN: mask:

Each house has its own access point
House1AP - IP   - offering IPs:      Gateway:
House2AP - IP   - offering IPs:      Gateway:
House3AP - IP   - offering IPs:      Gateway:
House4AP - IP   - offering IPs:      Gateway:
House5AP - IP - offering IPs: Gateway:

All access points are wired connected to a managed switch (IP:
This switch is connected through a fiber channel to another switch
( that is wired connected to all LTE/4g routers/gateways.

Raspberry pi (IP is wired connect to the managed switch.

Until now every house has its own unique ssid (wpa2 personal) and devices
from one house cant access APs from other houses.

I'm wondering if it is possible to change all APs to use wpa2 enterprise in
a way that freeradius (based on the username -not the mac address ) set IP
range and gateway that user belong.

For example, if I belong to house1 (using gateway when I go to
visit house2 the House2AP should recognize me as house1 and send me the same
gateway as house1.

Thanks in advance

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