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Hello Nemanja,

all external OTP solutions like multiOTP or LinOTP (I would however
recommend privacyIDEA, since I am working on this ;-) come as a plugin
to FreeRADIUS.

You could have all the logic in this plugin, but usually you have a
plugin that does the glue code and communicates to the OTP server.

You then would configure FreeRADIUS s.th. like this:

authenticate {
     Auth-Type Perl {
        perl  # This would e.g. communicate to the OTP server

The OTP server then would verify the credentials, communicate back to
the rlm which then would cause an ACCESS_ACCEPT, ACCESS_REJECT or
Yes, even ACCESS_CHALLENGE can be supported, this way a user can login
with a static password, which would cause an ACCESS_CHALLENGE and then
the user would have to provide his TOTP.

If Bitwarden simply generates TOTP codes, you can import the **seed**
of the token to your MFA management system.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards

Am Freitag, den 23.10.2020, 13:31 +0000 schrieb Nemanja Simpraga:
> Greetings,
> I am working on a TOTP authentication method setup with FreeRADIUS.
> For starters, I'd just like to generate a static user which uses TOTP
> (Time-based One-Time Passwords) to authenticate against the server.
> My company uses BitWarden which has an integrated Authenticator
> feature which can generate TOTP tokens which you can use for passing
> MFA challenges and logging in.
> Is it possible to have a user defined in RADIUS which is bound to a
> BitWarden token generator in some way? We do the same thing for
> accounts in our directory. The codes MSFT generates for their
> intended MSFT Auth mobile app I put into the BitWarden token
> generator to bind those accounts to the generator.
> After that I can use the codes from BitWarden to pass the MFA
> challenge and sign in.
> I've read about multiOTP and LinOTP but I can't seem to understand
> how they fit into this picture.
> Am I going in the right direction with this? Is this BitWarden setup
> possible?
> I am still quite new to FreeRADIUS, so bear with me. Thank you!
> Best regards,
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