change username/password takes no effect for 802.1x wifi clients

X Xiao laoshaw21 at
Sun Oct 25 19:40:27 CET 2020

I'm running a freeradius to authorize user access on wifi network(EAP).

everything works well, I input my username and password I can then login
via 802.1x then surf.

However if I change the username/password in mods-config/files/authorize,
then restart radiusd, I can still surf the internet using the old
username/password, no relogin required, until I logoff the wifi network,
and relogin again, now I need supply the new username/password.

How to force a re-login(via 802.1x) whenever I change username/password in
freeradius? Is there a way to do it on freeradius side, or I just restart
wifi network whenever I restart radiusd?


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