Acct-Unique-Session-Id Uniqueness

Ali Arslan e066377 at
Thu Oct 29 13:39:28 CET 2020

>> I have problem with the uniqueness of AcctUniqueId ( Acct-Unique-Session-Id ), but they are not unique across radacct table.

 > It's as unique as possible.

 > If it's not unique, it's likely because the NAS is broken.

I come across the problem when i wanted show user statuses in a list in which i used latest record of radacct row for each user but it was showing u ser was offline even if it was online in real, and saw that an old record of the same user was being updated.

> NAS must be sending the same session id that that has been used earlier

Yes, you are right, problem is with NAS.

> >Because there may be multiple records with the same AcctUniqueId value an interim update updates all records with the same AcctUniqueId  value even for different users, which is a problem for usage calculation, and for some other custom calculations, 

 > It should be unique for different users.  This is how it works in the default configuration.

I was wrong, it was for the same user. I just thought it maybe for different users as well.

>  Oh, and "something something debug output".  I don't know why I even say that anymore.  It's not like people listen.

Since i thought  there was no problem with the normal working of freeradius  i thought no need to send debug output.

 > Alan DeKok.


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