unsupported certificate purpose

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Fri Oct 30 13:44:40 CET 2020

On Oct 30, 2020, at 8:21 AM, murugesh pitchaiah <murugesh.pitchaiah at gmail.com> wrote:
> while trying for radsec I see freeradius throwing below error on TLS handshake:
> (0) TLS_accept: SSLv3/TLS write server done
> (0) <<< recv TLS 1.2  [length 07b9]
> (0) Creating attributes from certificate OIDs
> (0)   ERROR: SSL says error 26 : unsupported certificate purpose

  That seems relatively clear.

> (0) >>> send TLS 1.2  [length 0002]
> (0) ERROR: TLS Alert write:fatal:unsupported certificate
> tls: TLS_accept: Error in error
> (0) ERROR: Failed in __FUNCTION__ (SSL_read): error:1417C086:SSL
> routines:tls_process_client_certificate:certificate verify failed

  So it's the client certificate which is failing here.  That's at least better than some of the other OpenSSL error messages.  :(

> Here is the client certificate's purpose details:
>        X509v3 extensions:
>            X509v3 Basic Constraints:
>                CA:FALSE
>            X509v3 Key Usage:
>                Digital Signature

  Is the client certificate signing other certificates?  I suspect not...

>            Netscape Comment:
>                OpenSSL Generated Certificate
>            X509v3 Subject Key Identifier:
>                AE:C8:80:61:1C:AB:99:03:8F:13:4F:14:95:EA:61:52:4D:8C:37:E8
>            X509v3 Authority Key Identifier:
> keyid:44:C9:8D:CB:50:17:D2:33:60:4F:96:1A:76:34:99:A4:0D:FA:A1:8D
>            X509v3 Extended Key Usage:
>                TLS Web Client Authentication

  That should work.

> I see the key usage and Extended usage look good; still unable to find
> whats reason for freeradius rejecting the client certificate

  It's not.  :(  OpenSSL is rejecting the client certificate.

> client openssl ; 1.0.2
> freeradius: 3.0.16 and i see this has openssl 1.1.0

  How did you generate the certificates?

  If you copy the client certificate to the OpenSSL machine, you can verify it there using the "openssl" command-line too.

  What's likely happening is that OpenSSL 1.1.0 is doing more stringent checks than OpenSSL 1.0.2.  So you'll need to regenerate the certificate, without the offending OIDs.

  Alan DeKok.

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