EAP Submodule failed. PAM module issue.

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Tue Sep 1 20:41:54 CEST 2020

On Sep 1, 2020, at 12:02 PM, HORMAZABAL PI´┐ŻONES BARBARA FRANCISCA <bhp001 at alumnos.ucn.cl> wrote:
> Thank you for answering, Alan. I changed the settings in the eap file and
> inner-tunnel. In the eap it's now eap_type = ttls. I'm still having
> problems with the PAM-IMAP module though.
> Looking around the internet I found that there was a type in setting the
> users with PAM. So I have them in my users file as
> DEFAULT Virtual-Server == inner-tunnel, Pam-Auth = "pam-imap-radius",
> Auth-Type = PAM
> Reading the output, these lines are causing the problem.
> (7) pam: Using pamauth string "pam-imap-radius2" for pam.conf lookup
> (7) pam: ERROR: pam_authenticate failed: Module is unknown

  That means you haven't made PAM aware of the "pam-imap-radius2" configuration.  

> For some reason it doesn't recognize that with the realm "ucn.cl" should be
> using pam-imap-radius and not pam-imap-radius2.

  So.... how did you configure FreeRADIUS to look for the realm "ucn.cl", and use the correct PAM-Auth?  It would help to describe that.

  The debug log shows:

> (7)       if (Realm == 'ucn.cl')  {
> (7) first_files: EXPAND %{Virtual-Server}
> (7) first_files:    --> inner-tunnel
> (7) first_files: users: Matched entry DEFAULT at line 93
> (7)         [first_files] = ok

  Which means that you can set PAM-Auth here, and set it to the correct value.
> (7)     authenticate {
> (7) pam: Using pamauth string "pam-imap-radius2" for pam.conf lookup

  Where does that come from?

  Alan DeKok/

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