Linelog module sending message twice that has "warning" or higher severity level.

Yiğit YAŞAR y.yasar92 at
Wed Sep 9 08:25:43 CEST 2020

Hi all,

I have some issue with the linelog module.

My "linelog" configuration as in below;

*linelog {filename = syslogescape_filenames = nopermissions =
0600syslog_facility = daemonsyslog_severity = infoformat = "This is a log
message for %{User-Name}"reference =
"messages.%{%{reply:Packet-Type}:-default}"}linelog log_postauth {filename
= syslogsyslog_facility = authprivsyslog_severity = infoformat = "User
'%{User-Name}' authenticated via Radius"}linelog log_postreject {filename =
syslogsyslog_facility = authprivsyslog_severity = warningformat = "User
'%{User-Name}' authentication request rejected by Radius!"}*

Also in "default" configuration file is like ;

*post-auth {log_postauthlog_postrejectif (session-state:User-Name &&
reply:User-Name && request:User-Name && (reply:User-Name ==
request:User-Name)) {update reply {&User-Name !* ANY}}update {&reply: +=
&session-state:}-sqlexecremove_reply_message_if_eapPost-Auth-Type REJECT
ACCEPT {log_postauth}Post-Auth-Type Challenge {}}*

Problem is, when linelog sends log message with warning or higher severity,
log message sending twice.There is no problem with info or lower severity
level, they sending once.

What could be the problem, do you have any idea?

Thanks in advance

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