iOS devices don't authorize on wireless networks

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Apr 12 14:01:11 CEST 2021

On Apr 12, 2021, at 7:48 AM, Vahap Can Dulkadiro─člu <can.dulkadiroglu at> wrote:
> Freeradius gives me the following error in debug mode when I try to connect
> to the wireless network from the iphone(IOS).
> By the way, the connection with other operating systems (eg ubuntu android,
> windows) from this wireless network is successfully established.But I can't
> connect to iOS devices.
> I'm getting this error;
> "eap_md5: Cleartext-Password is required for EAP-MD5 authentication"

  That seems clear.

  Do you have clear-text passwords in LDAP?

  You've configured the iOS systems to use EAP-MD5, and then have passwords in LDAP, in a format which isn't compatible with EAP-MD5.  Don't do that.

> Mon Apr 12 04:17:39 2021 : Debug: (17) ldap: User object found at DN
> "uid=can.dulkadiroglu,ou=Users,dc=samsun,dc=edu,dc=tr"


  There's just no reason to post debug output with timestamps.  That makes it harder to read.

  Alan DeKok.

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