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> On Apr 20, 2021, at 6:51 AM, Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:
>  I've been very careful to keep corporate stuff separate from the Open Source FreeRADIUS side.  That being said, most FreeRADIUS development is now done under the banner of "Network RADIUS", which is a company I started in 2008.

Just to be clear, there's still a large amount of work that is _NOT_ under the Network RADIUS
corporate banner.

Alan is the only stakeholder in NetworkRADIUS who's involved in the project, the rest of us
are contractors who are paid out of support and professional services revenue
(as Alan says).

Who owns the copyright on the code is important as neither NetworkRADIUS nor Alan can
change the license on FreeRADIUS without the agreement of the other copyright holders.
i.e. NetworkRADIUS cannot change the license to suit corporate priorities as has happened with
Redis/Redis Labs and others...

With that said, Network RADIUS has sponsored a lot of the documentation for the upcoming
release of v4, and paid for 50% of the new website and documentation site
(I put up the other 50%).

Features that just wouldn't make it into the project otherwise like sigtran and the EAP-AKA*
methods were sponsored through/by Network RADIUS.  Network RADIUS also sponsored
the majority of the documentation for the v4.0.x release, so the involvement of a corporate
sponsor is a definite net benefit.

I for one have no issues with Alan posting Network RADIUS articles to the mailing list and will
likely be involved in creating content for some of them :)


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