POD Alternative -

Gabriel Marais gabriel.j.marais at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 15:40:37 CEST 2021

Hi Guys,

We have been talking to a provider in the UK around facilitating POD
on our APN but they have advised that they don't support POD on their
IoT framework as a standard. They however mentioned that some of their
clients use "mid-session access reject" - something that I have never
heard of before and thinking logically, the only reject I know of
would be during the Authentication process, but maybe I just haven't
heard nor seen anything like that before.

Does anyone know what "mid-session access reject" means and/or how it works?

I have searched the Internet for clues and the only clue I could find
was in the O'Reilly book called "Radius" that states :-

"The Access-Reject can be sent at any time during a session, which
makes them ideal for enforcing connection time limits. However, not
all equipment supports receiving the Access-Reject during a
pre-established connection."

Is this something that is possible from freeRadius?

Thanks in advance, Gabriel

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