Radacct session delete

Matthew Newton mcn at freeradius.org
Sat Apr 24 22:52:22 CEST 2021

On 24/04/2021 21:01, mohamed almeshal wrote:
> my question is what is the measures and precaution for deleting sessions from radacct .

Use a cron job or similar to tidy entries where acctstoptime is not null 
(i.e. an Accounting-Stop has been received) as they are finished sessions.

You can also remove sessions where acctupdatetime is older than a few 
multiplications of your acct-interval (e.g. maybe anything over a day 
old), as they are sessions where you've probably missed the Stop.

If the NAS is regularly not sending stops or updates then you need to 
fix that.

> it's seems to be dealing with deletion of the session may cause some issue or may not ?

Not really. The standard SQL queries should create a new session on the 
first Interim-Update if the start never arrived (albeit missing some 
information). It may matter if you are querying the data for other 
reasons, such as simultaneous-use or billing.


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