allow WLAN-access in certain offices only

radius.pkoch at radius.pkoch at
Wed Apr 28 09:31:13 CEST 2021

Dear Alan

thanks very much again for your last reply. It contained almost 
everyhing I needed to solve my problem.

I feel I must emphazise that FreeRadius is free software at its best: 
Very easy installation. Whatever a Radius Server might be able to do - 
FreeRadius can do it. If one needs 100% precice information about what's 
going on, the source code will show you. It even has functionality that 
I did not expect. For example beeing a DHCP-server that reads its 
configuration data dynamically from an SQL database. Or OTP-support via 
a an easy to use interface. With all that functionality I would not 
wonder if FreeRadius-configuration was very time-consuming. But it isn't 
and the default configration supports most use cases out of the box. 
Very impressive!

And - most remarkable - your are giving excellent free (in the sense of 
free beer) support on this mailing lists. Even to people like me that 
have crude requirements. Be assured that I have read all the 
informationen you mentioned (including compatibility.html and every 
single line of dozens of radiusd -X outputs) and they were very helpful.

I even like the tone on this list and the information about it on the 
registration page.

As the subject of this thread is "allow WLAN-access in certain offices 
only" and this problem is already solved by clever using he 
SQL-capabilities of FreeRadius, I will explain the way I found to 
support our OTP-token in a new thread.

You pointed out that using location-specific and time-specific passwords 
give a very bad experience and that forcing users to use OTP-token is a 
terrible idea. If you or anybody else is interested to know why I 
believe that this nevertheless improves our situation - just let me 
know. That might give an interesting discussion. I'm just not sure 
wether you like to have such discussions on the FreeRadius mailing list.

Keep the good work going


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