Source-IP on server status packets

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Aug 9 16:17:25 CEST 2021

On Aug 9, 2021, at 8:57 AM, Stefan Düring <duering at> wrote:
> We have 2 identical radius servers (FreeRADIUS 3.0.21)
> On the same servers radsecproxies are running. (radsecproxy 1.8.2)
> The servers have 2 IP adresses (1 as secondary which should be used for radius and radsecproxy).
> After freeradius restart everything works fine.
> Freeradius sends server status packets to the internal radsecproxy and to external radius servers (eduroam)
> with the correct source (secondary ip address).


> It works for a long time but suddenly one of these freeradius sends the server status packets with
> a wrong source ip (primary) to the internal radsecproxy.

  That is usually a routing issue.

  i.e. the OS decides what source IP to use for the proxied packets.

> Radsecproxy ignores these packets of course.
> We followed the instructions in FAQ ("Is there a way to bind FreeRADIUS to a specific IP address?")

  Read proxy.conf, look for "source IP address".  This is documented.

> Any ideas how to trace / correct this?

  Read the follow the documentation.

> Here are the configuration details:
> ### Server Network Config

 Not helpful.

> ### site default
> server default {
> listen {

  Not helpful.

>         type = auth
>         ipaddr =
>         port = 1812
> ...
> }
> ### proxy.conf

  Not helpful.

> ### RadSecProxy Log

  Very much not helpful.

  ALL of the documentation says to post the output of "radiusd -X".  When you join the list, you get a message which says to read

  Is there some other place we need to put the documentation so that people will read it, and follow the instructions?

  Alan DeKok.

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