trying to override the pam_auth attribute

Jonathan Davis jonathan at
Wed Aug 25 03:17:39 CEST 2021

On 2021-08-24 7:21 p.m., Alan DeKok wrote:
>> The only other authorize I could think of which might be the authorize section referenced is: mods-config/files/authorize
>    No.

This is documentation I found kicking around on the web which lead me to 
the above assumption:

                 #  Note that any Pam-Auth attribute set in the 'users'
                 #  file over-rides this one.

Knowing users has been moved to authorize, I thought that it made sense 
the note updated.

The example provided:

DEFAULT Auth-Type = Pam,  Pam-Auth = "radius2", NAS-IP-Address =
     Service-Type = Framed-User,
     Framed-Protocol = PPP,
     Framed-IP-Address =,
     Filter-Id = "std.ppp",
     Framed-MTU = 1500,
     Framed-Compression = Van-Jacobson-TCP-IP

(taken from )

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