Override/set Current-Time for rlm_logintime testing

Jason Healy jhealy at logn.net
Thu Aug 26 05:56:54 CEST 2021

I'm working on using rlm_logintime to enforce time of day logins for certain users.

I'm also building some radclient packets that I can use to test different time boundaries to make sure my policies are correct.

However, logintime looks like it's always using the packet arrival time to do its calculations (understandably; there's no other reliable source).

Is there any way to override the packet arrival time, through an attribute or function?

I tried setting Packet-Original-Timestamp with no luck.  I also tried setting Current-Time, but that looks like a kind of virtual attribute that can be checked (against simple time strings), but not printed or assigned directly.

Thanks for any clarification,


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