trying to override the pam_auth attribute

Jonathan Davis jonathan at
Fri Aug 27 16:41:53 CEST 2021

On 2021-08-24 9:27 p.m., Alan DeKok wrote:

>> Looking at mods-enabled/pam I added in following the same synatx: pam_auth = radiusd2
>>    That doesn't tell me a lot.

That was the only text I had added when I started, not a lot to tell at 
that point.

>> Error: Unknown attribute 'pam_auth'
>    Because the docs say "Pam-Auth".  Not "pam_auth".
>    Note "Pam-Auth.  Not "pam_auth" or "pamauth" or anything else.
>    Please follow the docs.  Things are likely to work a lot better.

I got tripped up and originally approached it from the thought that if 
an attribute (which I was thinking as a variable) was set as "pam_auth" 
(lowercause and an underscore), that I would be required to updated it 
by using "pam_auth = <new value>". Having it switch to camel case with a 
dash wasn't clicking.

But I'm eating my humble pie, and having revisited the docs on unlang, 
the intro about the intention not to create yet another programming 
language, and re-reading the docs on update with a fresh morning brain 
free of distractions, I caught that it was the control keyword as the 
list was missing, and that no list specified was defaulting to request, 
and am able to override values set in the pam.conf to allow different 
yubico yubikey_mapping files by specifying different pam configuration 

Thank you for the assistance.

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