Client-Shortname Attribute can only be queried, and cannot be assigned.

Jonathan Davis jonathan at
Fri Aug 27 23:29:05 CEST 2021

I was scratching my head to understand why, in the authorize section of 
a virtual server, this worked:

switch Client-Shortname {
       case radiusd_a1_01 {
               update control {
                       Pam-Auth := radiusd_a1_01
       case radiusd_b1_01 {
               update control {
                       Pam-Auth := radiusd_b1_01

But this did not:

update control {
         Pam-Auth := Client-Shortname

And remembering my previous question, started combing through the docs 
on unlang, attributes, and hit on run-time variables where it says 
Client-Shortname is a meta-attributes that can only be queried, and 
cannot be assigned. Which I take it is why the second one does not work?

I can keep going with the switch case, but I am wondering if this is the 
a bad solution? Can attributes or variables be set at the client level 
which are accessible? Should I use a dictionary option? I know I need to 
dig deeper, but a nudge (either towards good, or away from bad) would be 

Enjoy the weekend,


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