HTTP headers

Matthew Newton mcn at
Thu Dec 2 11:53:29 CET 2021

On 02/12/2021 10:40, Stjepan Roić wrote:
> I'm new to this and I made a typo when you suggested different
> operator which I didn't notice later and the debug didn't drop an error on
> that part.

The configuration is very flexible, so you can define your own settings 
and read them in other parts of the config. That means adding things in 
the "wrong" places isn't usually a config error.

There are situations where the server will complain on startup (e.g. 
obsolete options still in use), but it can't complain about everything 
unusual that it sees.

> You'll notice I'm getting Access-accept from the rest server but that's
> only because I disabled those headers verification on the mock server. I
> hope this debug can still provide info you need, if not please let me know
> what to share.

You've got this in your rest config:

    update control {
         &REST-HTTP-Header += ....

It needs to go in the main virtual server config (e.g. 
sites-available/default), somewhere _before_ you call the "rest" module. 
In your situation probably just after the "filter_username" policy call.

Module config defines things for each module. Requests pass through the 
appropriate virtual server, being altered and changed by modules on the 
way. If you want to add internal attributes that redefine how a module 
works they need to be set in the virtual server before that module is 


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