User with password and user without password

Angelo Corsaro angelo.corsaro at
Mon Dec 6 17:32:19 CET 2021

Hi all,
I need a basic input to (if possible) fix my problem:
now my radius is verifying only SIM (we're talking a private APN) with 
only Calling-Station-Id and I disabled the pap and chap as below

authenticate {
         #  PAP authentication, when a back-end database listed
         #  in the 'authorize' section supplies a password.  The
         #  password can be clear-text, or encrypted.
         Auth-Type PAP {
         #       pap

but in a near future a different client will be authenticate with 
User-Name, Cleartext-Password and Calling-Station-Id (always coming from 
a private APN): how can I manage those different requests ?
I thought a simple "if"  into the file site-enabled/default in the 
authorize/preprocess section:

         if (ClearText-Password == "Void") {
                         update attribute {
                                 ClearText-Password := "--"

and re-enabling the verify of the password in in authenticate section. 
But it seems too easy :)


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