Sorry For missunderstand

mohamed almeshal mohammed.almeshal at
Tue Dec 14 15:12:16 CET 2021

dear Savers ...
I think I miss the parameters (module mean for me the section like Authorize Authintcate ... etc )
what I'm asking about is I need to build custom unlag like the condition in expiration module  like this :

expiration {
userlock = 1

if (userlock) {
update reply {
Reply-Message += "Account expired"



What I'm need is to put custom if condition in each module that reject the user for hotspot message and I wonder if I can use the userlock in every module like the expiration .


Also about the loop what I'm going to do is just use exec to and get it work fine with php,

but please what is the best way to write exec statments .

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