Multiple Vlan assigment in Free radius server with Cisco Nexus Switch.

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Wed Dec 15 19:26:57 CET 2021

Hi Alan,
I can understand your point and thanks for reply. But i search all the documentation and reply which was given previously but i did not find any example or anything in Radius community or anywhere which suggest how we can give two Vlan in Radius server when the Cisco Switch is used. So if there is nothing in documentation then its hard to say how to use it which make me to end up to ask a question to expert like you.
About Q:1 and Q:2
1) which attributes need to be used? - I need how we can give two vlan because i followed the RFC4675 and RFC3580 which was mentioned before and i did change the freeradius user file like this. Cleartext-Password := "54321"  Tunnel-Type = VLAN, Tunnel-Medium-Type = IEEE-802,  Tunnel-Private-Group-ID = 1968,  Egress-VLANID += 0x310007B1,  Ingress-Filters = 1
Where i am giving 1968 as tagged Vlan 1968 and 0x310007B1(1969) but it did not help so i am doing something wrong here.

2) what values do those attributes need to have? - I need to know how two tagged Vlan can give in freeradius server with cisco switch. If anyone ever tried this or even it is possible or not.

3) where do you want to place these attributes (flat-text files, SQL, etc) -- I am giving these values manually no SqL, No scripts.

If some one knows this then it is good if you reply and if no one know that then thanks for all the reply and help. I will try to find out and let you all know here later.

    On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, 02:56:56 PM GMT+1, Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:  
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> Can someone tell me how we can give two Vlan in Free radius user file , It would be good if you share the example how it looks.

  The server does include every example for every possible configuration.  Instead, it documents how things work.  And it lets you put the pieces together yourself.

  The questions for you are:

1) which attributes need to be used?

2) what values do those attributes need to have?

3) where do you want to place these attributes (flat-text files, SQL, etc)

  We document (3).  There is a lot of documentation on how to put attributes into "files", "sql", etc.

  The NAS vendor documents (1) and (2).  We do not document every possible NAS.  That's up to the vendor.

  So once you know (1) and (2), you can read the FreeRADIUS documentation to learn how to do (3).

  What is not appropriate is to keep asking the same question, and generally ignoring the answers.  We don't get paid to help you.  We don't get paid to run your systems for you.  If you don't have time to figure out how to do the above 3 steps, then we don't have time to do them, either.

  Alan DeKok.

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