802.1x/iPSK DB access delegation.

Alex Zetaeffesse fzetafs at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 09:35:26 CET 2021

Dear folks,

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season and my best wishes for the
Sorry if this question is not strictly related to FreeRadius but rather on
the tools it interacts with for a better management of the WiFi accesses.
I'm looking for suggestions/ideas that can point me in the right direction

I have used Freeradius with its 2.0 version for my home project few years
back, Now I'm in charge of providing wireless access in an environment with
a few small companies.
To better organize the air-media and avoid media competition or conflicts
we would like to have just one/two SSIDs and then grant access to
companies' employees or devices.
So far so good, because for devices that can use 802.1x we can proxy
Access-requests to the RADIUS server of each company.

Problems come with non smart devices that still use PSK; I know iPSK helps
a lot but I don't know how to delegate the management of MAC addresses. I'm
not taking into account a text file to manage them; can we use a DB for
iPSK too? And related to the DB is there a way to manage iPSK devices in
this way? Just one table and a value specific to each company and small web
interface that will handle only fields specific to each company?

Would you have any other ideas to share with the community?



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