installing Freeradius on Debian 10 (buster)

Alan Buxey alan.buxey at
Tue Feb 9 10:51:52 CET 2021


> I have installed freeradius 3.0 on Debian 10 as follows :
> #sudo apt-get install freeradius
> And after that I added the BNG on clinets.conf file , adding a test-user for test on users file ... it doesn't work and making some troubles while restarting the freeradius service with "exit code" error.
> My questions are :
>   *   The above command is enough to install freeradius on Debian 10 (buster)?

the basic server (main core) yes

>   *   I didn't add any MySql databas as it should be part of the package , is not ?

MySQL support in freeradius is, in Debian due to package management
decisions, a separate extra package - freeradius-mysql
that will provide the support...but you have to populate the MySQL
database (wherever that is being run) yourself using the provided
templates etc

>   *   I googled and see some sites that drives to have daloRadius along with Debian , however I understand it shouldn't be  and they are fully independent?

thats some graphical frontend, its not essential or required.

however, so far you've provided very little info to help - what is
'BNG' ? what did you actually add to your clients.conf file. if its
failing to
run when you type 'freeradius -X' on your system (not 'radiusd -X
because....Debian decisions...)  then it doesnt do that with a fresh
imnstall so its an error that you have created.


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