Masquerading MSCHAPv2 User-Name?

David Herselman dhe at
Fri Feb 19 21:08:33 CET 2021

The following appears to work:
authorize {
    update request {FreeRADIUS-Client-Shortname = "%{Client-Shortname}"}
    if (User-Name =~ /^cccccct00001[cbdefghijklnrtuv]{32}$/) {update request {sAMAccountName = "davidh"}}
    if (User-Name =~ /^cccccct00002[cbdefghijklnrtuv]{32}$/) {update request {sAMAccountName = "philipo"}}
    if (&sAMAccountName) {
        update request {Yubikey-OTP = "%{User-Name}"}
        update control {Auth-Type := "YubiCHAP"}
    if (&sAMAccountName) {update request {User-Name := "%{sAMAccountName}"}}files
    if (&sAMAccountName) {update request {User-Name := "%{Yubikey-OTP}"}}

authenticate {
    Auth-Type YubiCHAP {

David Herselman


My next puzzle is how to call the yubikey module. I'd naively thought I could stick it in post-auth, to do some kind of late reject. Most probably need to spend some time trawling the web to find out how to trigger the yubikey auth after mschap...

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