disable available EAP types for certain caller-id?

Kacper Wirski kacper.wirski at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 14:24:40 CET 2021


I'd like to limit EAP types available depending on called-station-id (ip 
addresses only for EAP-TLS.

Would something like this - in general - in my "default" site work?

Maybe there is a better way to achieve the same thing? Overall I want to 
use other EAP-types, so I can't just comment them out in eap module, but 
I'd like to filter them for specific connections.

I'm using latest stable Freeradius (3.0.21)

authorize {


     if (&Called-Station-Id == "<my-public-ip>" &&   &EAP-Type != EAP-TLS) {



     eap {

         ok  = return






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