Lists other than request in rlm_rest

Nathan Ward lists+freeradius at
Tue Jan 12 00:57:37 CET 2021

Hi Jorge,

> On 12/01/2021, at 11:43 AM, Jorge Pereira <jpereira at> wrote:
> Hi Nathan,
> Take a look at the option “data” as described in <>
> e.g:
> post-auth {
>   uri = “/path?foo=postauth-whatever”
>   method = “post”
>   data = “{ control_tmp_string_0 = \”%{control:Tmp-String-0}\” }”
>   body = 'json'
>   force_to = 'plain'
> }
> You mean something like that?

That sort of thing - though this requires that I know what all the attributes are.
Of course it’s my config, so I do, but I’d like to be able to just say “stick all the reply attributes in here” or something. Otherwise I have to have some logic to test for existence of each one, then include each instance of it, etc. etc.
If I was proxying I would not know what all the attributes are - in my use case I’m not proxying, but I could imagine it would be useful for others.

I’m not above doing a patch to rlm_rest to be able to include the request/reply/control attribute lists rather than packet->vps - assuming that that’s not a crazy bad idea for internal reasons I don’t understand.. Thoughts?

Nathan Ward

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