Cache user access on eap-ttls with ldap as authenticate system

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jan 14 16:54:14 CET 2021

> On Jan 14, 2021, at 10:45 AM, André <netriver at> wrote:
> I did remove the inner-tunnel and it worked.

  I have no idea what that means.

  You edited sites-enabled/default.  I was trying to tell you that the code block you posted should go into the sites-enabled/inner-tunnel file.

  If you deleted the inner-tunnel virtual server, then EAP won't work without many other changes.

> But I could not see where you found inner-tunnel

  In the default configuration.  It works.  The more you edit it, the more likely it is that you'll break something.

  Start with the default configuration.  Configure the LDAP module.  Then add the cache code you posted to the list to the sites-enabled/inner-tunnel virtual server.

  Alan DeKok.

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