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YewFong.Chua at fujitsu.com YewFong.Chua at fujitsu.com
Tue Jan 19 06:11:14 CET 2021

Hi Members of FreeRadius,

I would like to check whether, does FreeRadius has a proper guide or step for us to integrate FreeRadius with Google Authenticator?

Also, we have a few concern mentioned below and not sure whether FreeRadius is able to highlight our concern:

1)      Can FreeRadius installed on the latest Ubuntu server 20.04?

2)      How can we integrate FreeRadius with Google Authenticator? Is there any guide or proper step we can follow?

3)      Understand that CyberArk which is a Privileged Access Management solution can work with FreeRadius by configuring the Radius Configuration on CyberArk to talk to FreeRadius. May I know whether any additional configuration (Other than creating Radius Client on FreeRadius) that is required to be done on FreeRadius side in order for FreeRadius with Google Authenticator to works?

4)      Also, whether is there any proper step for the following tasks:

a.       Patch for FreeRadius application.

b.       Patch for Ubuntu server that is installed with FreeRadius

c.       Step to harden the Ubuntu server

d.       Assume that Google Authenticator can upgrade, just as it is and it will not affect the FreeRadius?

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