Using REST to Original COA

Mohammad Mahefooz mahefooz at
Sat Jul 3 21:21:41 CEST 2021

As we are using REST module to handle AAA, planning to use the same to originate COA as well. While going through the archives, found that Alan suggested, we can use rest module in originate coa virtual server.The issue is how to configure it. Usually for AAA, we define the rest module with connect uri, method (get or post), parameters etc. And these gets triggered when FR sends request to REST server. But in the case of originate coa, as the trigger will come from REST server side, what all REST server need to send and how FR will handle it? And I believe trigger will happen when getting Accounting packet post from FR to REST server, do we need to send COA parameters as reply to the same Accounting request? Read the entire originate coa file multiple times, but still couldn't understand how to resolve this.

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