Using REST to Original COA

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On Sun, 4 Jul 2021 at 07:28, Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:

> > On Jul 3, 2021, at 3:21 PM, Mohammad Mahefooz <mahefooz at>
> wrote:
> >
> > As we are using REST module to handle AAA, planning to use the same to
> originate COA as well. While going through the archives, found that Alan
> suggested, we can use rest module in originate coa virtual server.The issue
> is how to configure it. Usually for AAA, we define the rest module with
> connect uri, method (get or post), parameters etc. And these gets triggered
> when FR sends request to REST server. But in the case of originate coa, as
> the trigger will come from REST server side,
>   FreeRADIUS isn't a REST client.
> > what all REST server need to send and how FR will handle it?
>   The REST server needs to send a CoA packet/

Or write a small webserver in python using flask to then make the CoA
requests. Less than 30 lines of code to do that. Or tinyradius is a great
Java library that works too.

> > And I believe trigger will happen when getting Accounting packet post
> from FR to REST server, do we need to send COA parameters as reply to the
> same Accounting request? Read the entire originate coa file multiple times,
> but still couldn't understand how to resolve this.
>   If the accounting information is in SQL, see
> raddb/sites-available/coa-relay
>   If the accounting data isn't in SQL, you'll have to find the data, and
> manually add the necessary attributes.
>   Alan DeKok.
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