Freeradius does not save avpair sent by ASR1002 - Delegated-IPv6-Prefix

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Jul 27 17:19:44 CEST 2021

On Jul 27, 2021, at 11:13 AM, Gustavo Saracho <gustavosaracho at> wrote:
> An ASR1002 with software version 03.13.10.S. The ASR has configured the IPv6 prefixes to assign to the clients, and once it assigns them it sends the avpairs to a Freeradius.

  As.... what attribute?

> The problem is that in the packet capture

  We don't need to see packet captures.  PLEASE follow the documentation:

> you can see that the ASR sends it to the avpair in the "accounting-request" packet to the freeradius, but the freeradius does not store it.

  Yes, the server doesn't store ALL attributes in SQL.  It only stores some common ones.

  To see what it's doing, read the debug output.  As the documentation says,

> What I mean by freeradius not storing, is that after a query is made from a platform to freeradius to see what ipv6 is assigned to each client and does not show it.

  I have no idea what FreeRADIUS is going, because you're not posting the debug output.

> this is a packet capture on freeradius.

  That's not helpful.

> **Config in ASR1002:**

  That's not helpful.

> **this is an example of the queries to the freeradius database, in the avpair of delegatedipv6prefix nothing is returned:**

  That's also not helpful.

> if someone can give me some help or guide me where I can focus my analysis, I would appreciate it.

  Where else do we need to add documentation which says "PLEASE POST THE DEBUG OUTPUT" ?

  Alan DeKok.

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