Can I delete "stopped" records from the FreeRadius table radacct directly with SQL?

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Fri Jul 30 12:28:12 CEST 2021


I am new to this mailing list and I am very existing about to get in touch with you.

We are using in one of our IoT services the FreeRadius server and we are happy with it.

During the last year the tables radacct and radpostauth got really big.
Unfortunately I cannot stop the radius server and do some cleanup. I have to do it during operation.

My question is: Can I delete the records for which acctstoptime IS NOT NULL form the radacct table and can I delete records from radpostauth table without any problems to the current productive system?

I scanned the network about it very much but unfortunately and I couldn’t find some hint about it ☹

Maybe you can help.

Regards, Roland

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