Version 3.0.23 has been released

Matthew Newton mcn at
Thu Jun 10 18:04:08 CEST 2021

Version 3.0.23 has now been released.

This is a minor update on 3.0.22 to fix a number of small issues seen. 
Amongst a few bug fixes there are:

   - radmin commands to set home server down/up
   - Warnings about TLS 1.3
   - "Client-Lost" post-auth section for devices that vanish
   - TLS messages added to &session-state: to help with debugging
   - Notes on using EAP with older (pre-TLS 1.2) devices

Full release notes are available on the web site:

Download from the usual places:

Packages will be available on the Network RADIUS web site soon:

Docker images are available on Dockerhub:


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